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Hi, my name is Marco Adragna and I help managers in achieving their goals through individual online coaching sessions. The sessions increase self-confidence, energy and mental clarity in periods of change such as a promotion, finding a more rewarding job, dealing with a difficult boss, the end of a relationship, the birth of a child or difficulty in managing emotions. You are the right person for these sessions if you work in a company, you value well-being and not just success or profit, you have little free time and you are a reliable and committed individual. By the way, I used to work as a manager too. I graduated from Oxford, worked as a Technical Account Manager and Partner Manager for BlackBerry and was a consultant for Tim, Wind, Sirius XM and others. Then I found something which was even better suited and more meaningful for me. Today I am the most reviewed life coach in Italy. You can also chat with the interactive version of my book here.

Sessions are a time when you can clarify your ideas on how to proceed, feel deeply listened to, train your mind, discover new communication techniques relevant to your situation, better define goals and priorities, train your emotional management, decrease procrastination and get unstuck, regain energy and motivation or prepare to give your all in an important situation. Between meetings, I will suggest short, interesting activities for your (little) free time that serve to make the concepts discussed together your own. The activities can be very simple, such as reading handouts, or more challenging, such as organising a business meeting that you have been putting off for a long time. You decide if one activity suits you or if you want to propose another.

If you decide to proceed, you will do one or more coaching sessions via video call. You can connect from a room at home, a private office or even from your parked car. Coaching sessions last 50 minutes. Dates and times are decided based on your preferences and my availability. Between sessions, you will commit to taking small steps that will bring you closer to your goal. We will proceed from session to session and it will not be necessary or possible to commit to a longer time than the next coaching session.

If you are the kind of person I described above, the next step is to send me a message in which you tell me something about your situation. You can also simply tell me your name or what you do. You can find me via email at and via WhatsApp at +39 333 80 77 302. This brief initial message exchange is non-binding, confidential, has no cost and will serve to confirm to both of us that we want to proceed. The next step will be to make an appointment for a free, get-to-know-you session. This session serves mainly to make initial contact, but you will find something useful already at this stage. People who have done coaching with me confirm that they have gained important benefits: let’s take a few examples.

My clients say that after coaching they feel more confident and calm even in very difficult situations. “Now I am more confident in all new situations.” Alessandro Lesa. “Since I started the coaching I feel more confident and calm.” Alessandro Simotti. “Now I am more serene and confident.” Enrico Franchi. “Marco, after our sessions I always feel great!!! I would climb the Himalayas!” Alice Dias. Now I feel even more confident and determined.” Fabiana Menegatti. “With the sessions, I quickly regained confidence and a sense of direction.” Simona Vultaggio. “I feel like a new person, more confident and more myself” Maria Luisa Mungo.

One manages to find the desired job. “During the search for a new job (a very stressful period), I calmly approached the interviews, even getting 2 offers!” Giovanni Laurenza. “You won’t believe it, but last night they called me after the interview on Thursday and they got me!!! ” Darinka Moricz. “I got the job offer I wanted.” Gabrielle Cova. “Thanks to your help I was able to find my way from a work perspective.” Stefano Giustini. “I wanted to tell you that since last week I have started one of the businesses I told you about in a very practical way and I feel very relieved and energized” Andrea Fanciulli.

With the sessions, you manage your team better and reduce the stress of a professional situation that was previously perceived as very difficult. “With his support, I was able to find the right way to manage the various relational issues with staff.” Consuelo Santi.

“Coaching has helped me to overcome fears, increase confidence, improve everyday life and relationships, and organise work better, increasing satisfaction for me and growth opportunities for my team.” Lorena Travaglini. “Now work is going very well, I understand my team’s behaviour and personality better and I find it easier to manage them.” Amedeo Aragona. “Managing a team of 3,000 doctors and medical staff is challenging in normal times. Doing it during the pandemic had drained my energy and led to a build-up of stress that also impacted on family’s serenity. With Adragna’s coaching, I quickly regained my usual mental energy, confidence and decreased stress. I am myself again in the family.” Roberto di Cicco.

People often do coaching for the sake of their family or to improve relationships. “After only a few meetings, the goal is achieved and I am once again the happiest husband and father in the world!” Massi Capoccetti. “The end of a difficult relationship in which I lost energy and self-confidence prompted me to approach the world of coaching to improve some personal and relational aspects. Now I feel more self-confident, I can see my past experiences with different eyes, with more rationality and with the desire to face change with enthusiasm and awareness.” Giulia Baldini. “I have learnt to handle disagreement better and to resolve with two words and a smile situations that used to end in big fights and create a lot of stress.” Giampiero Paolino. “I got on very well with Coach Adragna, he helped me understand myself better and open up to people close to me. I was able to better understand my emotions and the way I manifest them and above all I also understood how other people react when faced with emotions.” Riccardo Benvenuti. “I felt the need to turn to a coach to try to reorganise my life, marked at the time by the separation with my ex-wife, with a child to manage and a flood of doubts about everything I had believed in until then. Well in the end I must say that I discovered a new way of relating. The sessions are very useful for those who want to look ahead, for those who set new goals to achieve but have no idea where to start nor do they have the knowledge that they can do it. Thank you, Marco!” Maurizio Tagliaboschi. “I was very sceptical before, but by putting techniques like active empathic listening into practice for good, the difference in relationships with people is enormous.” Matteo Montagnini.

If you are the kind of person I described earlier, I can reassure you: this course will work well for you too. And you will be very glad you did it. At the same time, being full of things to do and endowed with a healthy diffidence, the risk that you will end up procrastinating is high. Let’s review the risks and benefits of coaching together. The first coaching is free: you will get to know me and make sure that I can be of use to you without having to pay anything or make any commitment. You will never be able to commit longer than the next session. The only risk you will have is to miss the 50 minutes of the getting-to-know-you session. I know that your time is precious and therefore this is not a negligible risk. I undertake to make sure that I can be of use to you from the very first messages we exchange so that we do not proceed with the session if the fundamentals are not there and avoid what would be a waste of time for both of us. In other words, the first coaching is free of charge, and I will be able to confirm to you from the first messages whether there is a basis for great coaching together. Now, after removing the possible risks, let’s remember some benefits of coaching together: more confidence, determination, serenity, motivation and mental clarity, career progress, better relationships and a higher quality of life.

To recap, I help professionals and executives achieve their goals through one-to-one video coaching sessions. Between sessions, I offer you small activities that serve to assimilate the concepts addressed and take a step forward towards your goals. You are the right person for these sessions if you work in a company or a professional studio, you are used to being committed to the things you do, you value well-being and not only success or profit, you have little free time and you love to fulfil your commitments. The next step is to send me a message in which you tell me something about your situation. I know that sending this message is not easy for many reasons, but if you are the right person to do coaching together, you have already faced much greater difficulties in life. You can also simply tell me what you do or what your name is. You can find me via email at or via WhatsApp at +39 333 80 77 302. We will exchange a few messages, without any commitment or cost, and confirm your willingness to proceed with the free coaching session. See you soon.

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